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projects (in no particular order)

christmas letter, 2007 This is the second of the enormous Christmas letters I started writing in 2006.
MC Playbook and TBC Playbook These two projects were undertaken while I was leading raids in the World of Warcraft. Each boss demands a particular strategy and tank gear out. I wanted to make a condensed "playbook" of the encounters so that I could quickly organize a particular fight. There are two playbooks here, one for Molten Core in original WoW and the second for the T4 (and some T5) bosses in The Burning Crusade expansion.
wedding Simple site for Michelle's and my wedding in September, 2004. Literally, the first thing I've written in years for good old Coldsmoke. I wanted to give the out of town people some insight into Austin's unique and kick ass culture. The look and feel comes from the "professional" sister of Coldsmoke, ghostfence.
NZ diary While I was in New Zealand I found that I was ripping through my journal at an alarming rate. As NZ is blessed witha a plethora of internet access places, I decided to start putting the writings up on line. Since the normal coldsmoke structure wasn't built to handle this, I created the diary application to record my trip.
the bookshelf I first started the bookshelf out of a little bit of guilt. I had been writing so little for coldsmoke that I wanted to convince everyone that I was really doing something with my time. I also chew through books at a pretty quick rate and tend to forget the ones that don't really, really stand out (see, the website is partially my guard against alzheimers). So I whipped out a sweet perl cgi script, and here she is. I haven't kept it up in years.
running One night after a race I was noodling around trying to figure out what pace I had finished in. After screwing up the division a few times, I thought, "Shoot, this is an easy bit of javascript." So I wrote the pace piece. Then, a week or two later, someone posted the formula for figuring the number of calories you've burned, and I thought, "That would be an easy one, too..."
poems One of the oldest pieces on the site, and still pretty solid. The only two poems I've written that I give a damn about, and some more slick (IMHO) cgi to display things in frames.
fightclub I freaking loved this movie. I loved it so much that I went home and whipped up this piece of DHTML.
xmas.pl This was a throw away I wrote for an office Christmas party. I thought it would be amusing to combine the tweleve days of christmas with Zen koans. I thought it was pretty successful, but pretty much no one else gave a rat's butt :)
      The page reloads every ten seconds with a new combination.
halloween This is the invite that we made for the Halloween party at Cantone's back in 1998. I was striving for an X-Files feel. I realized during the redesign that now the entire freaking site is using this color scheme :)
the road The road trip from 1998. The most important pieces of the trip, Millinocket and Lexington, Kentucky, I've never gotten around to finishing. Still a few great stories in there.
tree of life The very first project I tried on the site. I was re-reading (and still not understanding) Foucault's Pendulum at the time and was fascinated by the tree of life. There are 10 sephirioth, and I think I've managed to get through three of them. It's still kind of cool and this one might get resurrected sometime later in the summer -- it's still too cool of an idea.

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