Oh, darlin'
Please believe me
I won't ever do you no wrong...
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you
No wrong...

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The Beatles
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t's the last day here down in New Zealand, and it's hard to believe that it's been nearly five weeks.
      I've been keeping in good touch, as you well know, via email and it will be good to land back on American soil once again. Well, to put it specifically, on Austin soil once again. From what I gather, Patty and Jim have held the place together just fine in my absence and I'm looking forward to spending a few days doing major renovations on the House of Tonic once I'm home. There's a fence that needs to be built, and some taxes that need to be paid, and there's some ethernet to run through the walls.
      Ah, what a domestic animal I can be.

      Ever since Michelle and I went down to Taupo on the 17th or so, I've been remiss on writing things down. I looked into my journal and I see that before I met up with her, I had spewed out fifty or a hundred pages (depedning on how you count) worth of junk; now I haven't written in the thing for nine days straight. I know she's going to take this as some affront, but she shouldn't: it's just been a lot more fun to hang out with her than sit in some cafe and doodle in my journal. But it does mean that I haven't been keeping folks advised of what's been shaking, and I do apologize for that.
      I've put in one last entry into the NZ diary before we leave here, and it's actually about the awful time we had in Whitianga. We've been in general having a wonderful time and have spent the bulk of it down in the town of Taupo, living the Taupo lifestyle of swimming, working out, drinking a few beers, and soaking in the thermal pools. But bad times make good stories, so you're getting a slice of Whitianga instead of the much longer rhaphsody on Taupo, the Best Place On Earth :)

      Did I say working out? Yes indeedy. I went for a lift while I was in Christchurch and have managed to get a workout in every few days since then: Queenstown, Wanaka, and several in Taupo. Michelle decided that she would come out to the gym with me to check out what the weight thing was all about and she has now gotten hooked. I'm an old school weight lifter when it comes to the gym: I do almost all free weights, I don't bother to write anything down, and I am one of those jackasses who grunts and talks to himself while he's lifting. Surprisingly, Michelle thinks all of this is fun and I think we're going to keep up the workout ethic when we get back to Austin.
      Austin, Austin. Lord how I miss you.
      New Zealand's been a great trip and I'll definitely come on back to Taupo one day (after all, the New Zealand Ironman is going to be held there this weekend). But my feet are itching to get back to the homeland, where we drive on the right hand side and a bonnet is something you put on your head instead of something on your car. And, just maybe, I miss all you people.

      This web site was last updated on 2/26/2001. I'll see y'all tomorrow.

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