But if they key don't work
You can knock on the door
No matter how far away I seem
I am always here at home

-- Spearhead,
The Link Farm

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he site has been redesigned. I never thought I would see the day when it all came together, but there it is. I know that Jordan will be happy -- and so will I. You wouldn't believe it, but I've missed the coldsmoke.
      What's the news in the past eight months? The garden has decided to shut her doors. As of January 1st, I will officially be unemployed. I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long, good, four years, but I'm ready to shake a leg and get a move on. I'll miss my garden people (just like I've been missing coldsmoke, ya know) but I'm looking forward to some big adventure. What that is, I'm not quite sure yet.
      (With the garden gone, be sure to update your address books. I never put my email on here to avoid as much spam as possible, but anything written to coldsmoke will come to me. Of course, I prefer "alan", but that's just my own selfish preference. Feel free to write about any issues with the site; in particular, you're bound to find a few broken links with the site redesign. I've combed through things, but those darn bad links keep popping up. And many, many of the offsite links are no longer valid... ah well)
      My women troubles are taking a hiatus. We had a long talk a few weeks ago which could go either way, could go either way. We reached an agreement to not see each other for a month while heads were straightened out and travel was completed. So I stood in the doorway of my house and I watched her walk out of my life for a month and maybe forever, and I continued, unbroken, my record of "Guy Who Can't Seem To Date in a Normal Fashion." Why am I such a fucking drama queen about this stuff? Can you tell I'm feeling a mite sorry for myself :)
      Hey, anyway, did I say house? Yes indeedy I've gone and bought myself a house. I keep meaning to write a story about it but I just haven't gotten it going. I keep bogging down in a bunch of abstract whining. Not that I've ever let that stop me before, but right now it's causing the story to remain unfinished. Maybe I need a good rage story to keep things fresh. Either way, look me up when you come to Austin and I'll put you up in the Rydberg Suite (that's a hint, Pete). Like the song says, "No matter... I am always here at home."

      The whole dang site was last updated on 11/28/2000, but I love being back so much that I updated it again on 11/29/00 with a goofy running calculator.


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