Tonight there's thunder rolling in the distance.
      While I've been working I've been listening to the same song over and over again, Tea for One by Led Zeppelin, so I figured that it should go into the lyrics over on the right. Classic white boy blues. The song is more than nine minutes long, too, in good old bloated Zeppelin style, so letting it play repeatedly isn't as bad as you might think.
I recall that you used to say,
'Oh baby this one's for we two,'
Which in the end is you anyway
...There was a time that I stood tall
In the eyes of other men,
But by my own choice I left you woman
And now I can't get you back again.
...How can twenty-four hours
Sometimes slip into days?
A minute seems like a lifetime
-- Led Zeppelin,
Tea for One
When I do this it always puts me into a drowsy quiet mood, just listening to Robert Plant softly moan about his women troubles over a stoned out Jimmy Page guitar.
      I remember Traci one time complaining about Shoulders, telling me, "Every one of these songs is about some inadequate man and how his woman won't love him." At the time I listened to her seriously and agreed sincerely but here in my advanced age I say, honey, every song's about that. Never did the course of true love run smooth, and if it did no one would want to hear about it. Happiness is great to experience but a lot of times it's a pain in the ass to hear about.
      Problem is, this song has really dumb lyrics. It's one of those songs that don't do a damn thing for you when you're not listening to it.

      So there's a storm that's skirting Austin and I watched the pyrotechnics while driving home tonight. I stopped by Central Market and on a whim bought some edamame. I boiled it up and shelled the soybeans over the colander as I opened the doors and listened to the angry air. I hope it does rain tonight, a good strong cloud burst, to zap this humidity and put all the unsettled weather to rest. Munching on my boiled soy beans, which are really good, I stood on the patio and stared out at the bruised and brooding clouds rolling and reflecting all that orange sodium light from the intramural fields off to the north. The apartments are quiet tonight for some reason and there's none of the usual college kid partying going on. Without realizing it I've reached the end of the edamame and I absently put the bowl down, staring off into the sky and thinking long, quiet thoughts.
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      Too much god damn blues tonight. I trace the freshly painted railing and see some of it come off on my hand. The air's tensed up for this storm down south and so am I; when's it going to break? My hands are slowing down on the railing and my mind is wandering with the Brownian motion of random thoughts. I think about some guy we let go last week and what a shabby business it was. I think about taking a day off from training tomorrow even though it's running day, then I think about the successful doctor's appointment that told me my shoulder's going to be just fine. I think about buying a house, I think about my brother up in Ohio. Andrew's still the same as ever. I think about Spinks' party last weekend and I think about the Springs. I think about the people I know and I wonder how much of the edamame is left. I think about the thunder rolling down south of me. I think about Coldsmoke and that I should go and get it updated.
      So I have.
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