From Hawaii to Hawthorne I run marathons
Like Buju Banton I'm true champion
Like Farrakhan reads his daily Koran
It's a phenonmenon, lyrics fast like Ramadan...
-- The Fugees, Fu-Gee-La

      I was riding my bike down to the Springs, and I broke one of my rules and rode through the grass along Shoal Creek. Three miles later, I remembered the reason for my rule: my back tire, punctured by a grass spear, was down to about ten psi and fading fast. I pulled over and pulled off the tire and pulled out my spare tube. The damn tube turns out have the wrong kind of valve; those boners at Ozone had once again screwed me over. I luckily had a patch kit shoved into the pack, so I patched up the tube, put it back on, and zapped it full with CO2. Bike reassembled at last, I took three strokes... and realized that the front tire was now also flat. The CO2 was finished, and so was I. I shrugged, pushed the bike over to Waterloo, and locked it up outside. Then I went in, had a beer, and caught the bus home.
      The reunion turned out to be great (for the pre-reunion rant, go here). Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get any of Jennifer's jpegs down to a reasonable size, so it's text only.
      Jonger's back in town this weekend, and there's the mighty Multiple Ship To project at work... Big Al is keeping busy...
      Stay strong, mis amigos.
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