There's just one name in Austin right now: Lance Armstrong.
     If you don't know about Lance (say, you've been in a coma for the past year), here's the skinny. World champion bike rider notices decline in performance and blood in his urine, so he goes to his doctor. Doctor tells him, "You've got testicular cancer that's metastasized to your brain and lungs. Come back tomorrow morning for emergency surgery." Biker gets cut, loses one testicle and some pieces of his brain, undergoes chemotherapy, and drops out of racing for a year. Concurrently, his new team drops him off the payroll. In the meantime, he organizes things like the Ride for the Roses for cancer victims. As he gets better, he starts training, gets run off the road while training, and he picks up a new team. Less than two years later, he goes to France and scores a crushing victory: the second American ever to win the Tour, and I'll bet you he's the only testicular cancer survivor to win it.
     Before the last stage, Lance talked about his motivation: 50 % for cancer victims; 25% for the US Postal Team; and 25% for those mofos who thought he couldn't do it.
     There's been a booty call, and Lance has kicked it soundly. You're damn right I'll be waiting at the airport when his plane lands, cheering until my throat breaks.

I'm reading a couple of "heavy reading" books right now. I just finished a book called Drinking: A Love Story that I'd recommend for anyone who, like myself, is a sucker for tales of sin and redemption (I much prefer Purgatorio to Inferno). I've got my copy of Wealth of Nations and I am amazed at how relevant the economics are even after 223 years. I'm rereading Closing of the American Mind, which has some amazing insights mixed in with Bloom's BS (and we ain't talking about bachelor of science here). That's the beauty of the natural light of reason, though: you can discriminate between what's a sound idea and what's some dope barking up the wrong tree.
     What is good and what is not good, Phaedrus? Need anyone tell us these things?

BTW, life is mighty fine these days. Things are going well at work, things are going well at home, and who can ask for more than that? I still haven't bought a car, but I'm still under the delusion that it's good for my soul.
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